Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Signs of Spring

Spring is definitely here. It is actually light by the time I get to work.
One of the freakiest sign of spring is the return of the ducks to the parking lot at work. Every spring for at least the last seven years these ducks turn up. The first few years there were three--two males and a female. Now it's just a male/female pair. When they first came by, they actually stuck around for a week or so. I was feeding them Cheerios from my breakfast stash. I'm not entirely sure if these are the same ducks year after year, but it sure is weird that only these few do stop in our parking lot.

The other sure sign of spring is the return of our paleta guy. About the beginning of November he goes "away"--where to, I don't know. A couple of weeks ago, I jumped for joy when I heard the tinkling of the cart's bells. I grabbed this photo off Google.

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