Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Les Candy Raisins est arrivé!

Manna came down from the skies this afternoon. Well, really it was a box that came from the UPS truck. But what was inside the box was pure heaven, that's for sure!
Because of all the excitement about the possible discontinuation of Candy Raisins, I decided to order some before it was too late. And some licorice snaps too. Funny, when you are sitting at the computer and placing the order, 7 pounds is pretty much an abstract number. Once a big-ass box full of SEVEN POUNDS OF CANDY lands on your desk, reality starts to kick in. WTF am I going to do with all this candy!??!?
After my initial shock, I popped one of the candy raisins in my mouth.....mmmmmm.... just as good as I remembered. That weird perfumey flavor. So nice and fresh and soft. I ate about 10 pieces and I was done. I passed the bag around for my co-workers to try. One guy said he'd had them before. Later on at home, Dale ate a few and he too said he'd had them.
So now I have only 6.5 pounds of candy to deal with.


Anonymous said...

Yea Hey Der,
from Apache Junction, Arizona.
I have Candy Raisins shipped out
by my Milwaukee Friends!
My Arizona Friends are Hooked
on Candy Raisins!
Keep your hands off my Candy Raisins...you dam'n dirty apes!

MaryRuth said...

Ha ha--thanks for the post, Anony!
I don't think they will be discontinued. But I will keep my fingers crossed.
Candy Raisins rule, dontcha know.