Friday, April 4, 2008

My Audio Life

I like music. I really do. I LOVE live music. The fact that someone is playing for ME is so very cool. I'll go see the middle school marimba band and I'll go to the Hollywood Bowl. It don't matter. Well, maybe not contemporary country music. Or hateful, misogynous rap. Other than that....
Dale and I first bonded over mutual musical interests. He's a musician and I think he has a pretty impeccable musical ear and an eclectic taste. He's always coming up with some "gem" for my musical edification. I wish he was a little more accepting of my techno/sampling/electronic bent, but that's a can of worms we aren't going to open up here.
With that all being is a LINK to his latest podcast.
Pretty much, this is what it sounds like at my house. Unless the train is passing by.
Oh yeah, we hate squirrels. I think I may have mentioned that before?

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