Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hair Matters

Today I was in the groove painting the windows, and as my mind wandered, I remembered an interesting article I had read a few years ago. It was a story in The New Yorker about the theory that the way you part your hair is an indicator of your personality and it has a big influence on how others perceive you.
It is called (what else) the "Hair Part Theory" and it was proposed by John and Catherine Walter. Their basic premise is that a "left parter" is a left-brain sort of person--and thought to have more masculine traits and a "right parter" has the more feminine characteristics of a "right brain" person. Taking this theory one step further--a left-parting man is seen to have a more practical and logical persona than a right-parting man, who is seen as more intuitive and softer. Likewise, a woman with a left part is seen as more masculine than a woman with a right part. So if you are a woman trying to get that job at the steel mill....left part! Right part for you guys trying to be head yogi down at the Yoga Hut.
The original article I read was written right after the disastrous 2000 election, and the Walters said they believed that Al Gore lost because he had a right part and Dubya is a leftie.
That made me think a bit about their theory and this election....what about Barak Obama? He's got NO PART! According to the Walters, no-parters are "new and different" had have "a unifying presence". Interestingly, Joe Biden was a left-parter and is now a no-parter.

Of course I had to check out John McCain...a right-parter and a comb-over-er to boot! (Oooo, bad news for you John!), and his running mate Sarah Palin, who sports a semi-beehive (The Walters don't have any theories about those. But it is sort of on the right side.)

Only time will tell......


Miss Healthypants said...

Interesting theory. *smiles*

I didn't see--what if you part your hair in the middle? (That's what I do...hmmm.... :) )

MaryRuth said...

MHP--They say center part is the same as no part--balanced, trustworthy and wise...!
I'm a left-parter myself...

Lisanne McT said...

what about bangs?

childish i suppose!

MaryRuth said...

hmmm...I didn't read anything about bangs. Maybe you would be perceived as in behind a veil.