Friday, August 8, 2008


Since Favre's trade is a done deal, I decided to do a little housekeeping in my cube at work. The Prilosec ad was from a while ago, and I originally started with the "I Quit" sticky note on 3/4/2008. During the last month or so, I and my co-workers have been adding sticky notes as the drama unfolded.
I replaced my Favre-centric stuff with the "power of cheese" poster I got at the SuperBowl XXXII in SanDiego. The toughest thing I have to replace is my spiral-bound Favre notebook. It's full of work notes from the last ten years. Either I transcribe it (which I really should do) or just paste another picture onto the cover.

last year's schedule


goldenrail said...'s so sad. like a mini-funeral for your Favre cubicle. But, hooray for cheese! Way to keep the WI alive in So Cal anyway.

MaryRuth said...

Cheese is good. I have a little foam cheese there too.
I was very happy to hear last week that WI won all sorts of cheese awards and that WI cheese production IS more than CA. Those CA "happy cows" are such a lie.