Saturday, August 9, 2008

Scirocco Memories

I had a cool car once. For about two years, I was the proud owner of a VW Scirocco. All black, black tinted windows.......I was Darth Vader on four wheels--without all the heavy breathing. I kicked ass-phalt. Almost rear-ended someone on 190th Street as I was listening to "Ride of the Valkyries" on my Blaupunkt turned up to 11.
Oh yes, I was stylin' n smilin'. Palm Springs, Las Vegas, Hwy1, Hwy2, Mammoth. Always road trips.
Then I moved to Maui. Since I wanted to be financially unencumbered for the move, I sold the car to my next-door neighbor--who had watched me care lovingly for it and knew he was getting a good deal. It was a pretty good thing for a while...he would let me drive it whenever I came back to SoCal...that is, until he totaled it on the 605. He told me he was very impressed with all the safety features.
I felt sort of sad to give up the Scirocco, even though I WAS moving to Maui, but the sadness was tempered by the fact my dad gave me his GTI as a replacement to bring with me. Another kick ass-phalt car. The GTI's were pretty potent. My mom even made up her own acronym for what GTI stood for. She said it meant "Good Time Inside". I'll have to agree.
Fast forward to reality: Now that I am a responsible adult with commitments and obligations, I have to get cars that are "economical" ie. cheap. For a while, I thought I was getting a Mini, but I got a house instead. How lame is that? (J/K).
But I will always have a soft spot in my heart for a nice "go-fast car".
So today my dad sends me a link to the review for the "new", resurrected Scirocco. Well, thank goodness it is butt-ugly or I would have really been having a bad-hair day. The seats look really cool, but man, that styling blows. It looks like an effin' Mazda! The reviewer gave a good mark for the handling, etc. but visually...sheesh. no way.

This is what my Scirocco looked like....except the color. *sigh*. One of these days I'll dig out those photos and digitize them.

It's funny....all I have left from my Scirocco days is my old key fob....20 years. wow.


john said...

Gee whiz, I am so sorry to bring back the "good" memories. I too should have kept the Calais HO quad 4 (180 HP!) (one of less than100 made !!!!). Your Mom and I have a photo of the Black Beauty and you in the Palm Springs area.
Guess life is full of choices.

MaryRuth said...

Dad...thanks for the trip down memory lane! I enjoy thinking about those old days. Man, it was hard to keep that black paint clean!
I didn't know there was only 100 of those cars. wow, that would have been a collectors item.
Thanks for giving me the ability to make the correct choice...which I actually manage to do once in a while!