Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Holy Grail of Snack Food

I won't deny it--I do enjoy salty snacks. My preferred snack is pretzels. Snyder's Pretzel Rods to be exact. The best thing about pretzels, other than that they taste great with beer, is that they are good for people who use computers a lot. Because pretzels have no greasy coating, they don't get your fingers all messed up. You can pretty much eat and keyboard with no ill effects to the keys. Popcorn is a close second. In my world, it is OK to have popcorn for dinner. I'm old school on popcorn--I make it in a stove top popper. splatgirl creates: Breakfast with a Bonus Ending explains how to make Bacon Popcorn--popping the corn in bacon drippings. This I will be trying soon, I assure you.
Which brings us to Hot Cajun Corn Sticks. I first encountered them in Jack In The Box's "Southwestern Salad". Which, believe it or not, is a great salad. Along with the salad comes a packet of these yummy corn sticks. The idea is to provide some "crunch" to the salad. (Before you go and cast aspersions on my eating at Jack, let me explain by saying this is the only thing I eat there, because it is made OFF PREMISES and the fact that I can get a salad and be back at my desk in under ten minutes.)
The sticks are pretty well spiced with cayenne and give the tongue a good tingle. Unfortunately, they do have a slight coating on them, so they aren't the best for munching and working. Since the salad is pretty big, I save the corn sticks for my afternoon snack time.
I have been looking for these corn sticks for a few years--just to get them "a la carte" so to speak. No luck. Until last week when I was at Sprouts stocking up on Usinger's Weiners. There they were...a whole barrel of them! Yay!


goldenrail said...

You can get Usinger's where you live!? Awesome.

Sheila said...

There is a Sprouts being in Los Al. Can't wait to check it out!

MaryRuth said...

GR--I just discovered the weiners, and I had seen Usinger's cooked brats a couple of times at Trader Joes. Usinger's also does mail order.

Sheila--Sprouts has some great prices on produce and meats. Do you have Fresh and Easy by you yet? None near me, but I would like to check it out.

Denis Faye said...

Those look like deep-fried carrots.


MaryRuth said...

Denis--I wish carrots tasted this good. I have to go get more!