Saturday, August 30, 2008

All About Painting

Today I began priming the exteriors of the two new windows that were installed two weeks ago. I can hold off on the interior, but I wanted to seal up the exposed wood.
I really enjoy painting. Sure there's a lot of prep work involved that's not actual painting--but even that is OK with me.
Every time I do painting I am reminded of when I was a Commercial Art student at MATC. This was back in the dark ages when we still actually had to draw stuff with paper and pencils. There were NO computers at all then.
The program included classes in typography, photography, illustration, as well as design classes. One semester of the illustration class was devoted to painting and boy, did I struggle! I had some good ideas, but the execution sucked. The teacher tried hard to help to load the brush, what pressure to use for certain techniques, and the important wrist/arm coordination--make the brush do the work he said..but I was just not getting it.
Fast forward 30 years.....I was painting my kitchen and voila! I GOT it! Everything just clicked. It was awesome! Now, I love painting and I'm actually pretty good at it.
So....thanks Mr. Krommenhoek!

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